The Social Security Website – What’s Available?

The United States Social Security website, quite frankly, is a very informative website. The website contains many useful tools and has a wealth of information available to you. Plus, it is quite easy to navigate. As you approach retirement, you should become familiar with the website.

When you reach the website, there are several areas to explore:

My Social Security

Allows you to create your own personal account to receive a benefit verification letter, manage direct deposit, inquire as to your application status, estimate retirement benefits, and access the representative payee portal.

Contact Us

Provides you with the details about how to contact Social Security using your phone or email and where to write a letter to the Social Security Administration.

Online Services

Create your own account, review your personal information, apply for benefits, manage your account, and where to go to find help and answers.

Sign In or Create an Account

Create your personal account here. Review your most current Social Security statement and full earnings record anytime.


Here is the hub of the 173 forms available to you.

Retirement Benefits

Find your eligibility status and plan for your retirement.

Spousal Benefits

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions. Calculate the reduction in this benefit if you are filing early. Calculate your Primary Insurance Amount.

Children’s Benefits

Get answers as to who is eligible for children’s benefits. Learn more about what the application process is and how much the benefit will be.

Survivor Benefits

Describes the basics of the Survivor benefit and what to expect when a loved one passes away.

Disability Benefits

Here you can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Replacement Card

Apply for a replacement card if you lost your card or it was stolen.


Here you can start planning for your future benefits. You can calculate an estimate of your retirement benefit, find your full retirement age and benefit reductions if you file early, Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) calculator, Government Pension Offset (GPO) calculator, early or late retirement calculator, earnings test calculator, spousal benefit calculator, life expectancy calculator, online calculator, and finally a quick calculator.

Office Locator

Enter your zip code and find the closest local office near you along with phone numbers and hours.


Here you can plan and manage your Medicare benefits, sign up for Medicare, request a lower IRMMA, and apply for Part D.

I have only scratched the surface as to what is available to you on this website. The website is very user friendly, easy to navigate, has a clear purpose and great content, and is secure. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and now able to start your retirement planning by managing perhaps your largest future income stream.

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